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New Crib, New Money!

Light Chat Lessons with real estate salesperson Jannelle Richardson.

So thrilled that we got a chance to host our very first Light Chat of the year discussing the home buying process. I decided to hold space for this discussion because I was grateful enough to have purchased my first condo last year (not pictured above).

Throughout my experience, I realized how much I did not know and was truly building the stage while dancing throughout the entire home buying process. Thankfully, I had an awesome agent, Janelle Richardson, that supported me and answered every single question I had.

In the spirit of leaving a place better than I found it, I wanted to share what I have learned with others and bust some common myths for those considering homeownership.

According to the Census Bureau, when it comes to home ownership, the most populous generation is also the one that trails older generations, with some 47.9 percent owning homes in 2020, versus. Gen-X home ownership enjoying an ownership rate of 69 percent, baby boomers, 77.8 percent and the silent generation, 77.8 percent. With this in mind, Jannelle dropped some gems on debunking some of the most common myths surrounding the home-buying process. You can watch the full Light Chat below.

In the meantime, here are three gems that resonated with me in my discussion with Jannelle:

Best Time to Buy

The best time to buy will always be when you are READY! Yes, when you are ready! As markets change, it is important to understand what you can afford by first seeking a pre-approval. Once you have that, you can work through your numbers with your home-buying team and create the roadmap for your housing search. It is best to identify the agency you have in the process so if the timing is right on your end... GO FOR IT!

Credit Scores

Fret not! Homeownership is actually attainable even with an undesirable credit score. The caveat is that you may be subject to higher interest rates so be mindful of that when you are considering homeownership. As mentioned before, your pre-approval is a good first start to understand what you can afford and how you can navigate the process. It is OK to wait a while to continue to work on your credit and save for that dream home.

Finding a Real Estate Agent and Team

Choosing a thoughtful real estate team is often overlooked as a critical part of the home buying process. For first time home buyers, it is important to try to meet with a few different agents prior to making a final decision on who will represent you throughout the home buying process. Yes, this person will serve as your voice throughout the process! You want to ensure that your team has your best interest at heart and is also aligned with your needs and wants. Asking someone in your network can be a great first step in connecting with a credible agent.

I know from my own personal experience, it was great having someone be available to answer all of my questions and also connect me with a credible group of people (Jannelle lovingly calls them the Avengers) to support the loan, appraisal, inspection, and legal process.

If anyone is looking for an awesome agent in Massachusetts to either rent or buy, feel free to reach out Jannelle to inquire about her services.

Phone: 617-373-0423

Instagram: @jannellesellsre

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